50 Shades of Pay

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Why you should be choosing Cosmo Payment as your preferred method of payment!

Cosmo Payment is a worldwide renowned payment service that offers it’s trusted services in many industries and countries around the world. 🌍

A simple card account that can be used all over the world. What’s more convenient? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Our cards are welcomed at grocery stores 🥕, jewelry stores 💍, pharmacies 💊, restaurants 👨🏼‍🍳, and anywhere Master card and Visa cards are accepted!

Online shopping. No makeup, no pants, no problem!

The adult industry is the biggest, yet still taboo, industry in the world. Performers from the industry have been singled out by banks and labeled as high risk. At Cosmo Payment, we believe that these performers deserve the same recognition as any other 9 to 5 job, and without question need a method to get paid for their hard work.

Cosmo Payment: Your open minded and open-hearted financial service 💜

The main source of knowledge is experience

Your experience is our number one priority because if you’re happy, we’re happy! 😀

Here are a few words of many we’ve received about our support team from our loyal account holders. “Support solved my issue pretty fast, they were life savers!”, “Excellent client service, fast problem solving!”, “Great team, love them”.

Your feedback is important to us. We are open to all your comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. 💬

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Banking has never been this easy, download the card portal mobile app for 24/7 access to your money! Work from home 🏡, bank from home!🏦

Make instant payment to affiliates, vendors and freelancers, with an easy to use payment platform. One platform, one method, one click! ☝🏼

Cosmo Payment is a leading provider of payment solutions that ensures easy, quick, and secure payouts. The use of prepaid payroll cards is becoming more and more popular due to their numerous benefits for both the employer and employees. A few of our many benefits include robust financial reporting, compliance management, transaction and fraud monitoring, online banking, global payouts, flexibility, and many more!

At Cosmo Payment, our top priority is protecting and securing your private information. Our 18 years’ experience proves how committed we are to keeping your information safe. Help us keep your money safe by following simple security tips!  Make sure your password is safe, secure and unique, scan your devices for malware often, don’t check your accounts on public wi-fi, and never share your personal banking information with anyone!

Saving money by making money? 💸 Two words: Cosmo Payment 💳

The new generation puts their trust in technology over traditional banks. 🏦 Technology has not only become an extension to our lives but also to our methods of banking. Lack of trust in banks have pushed millennials to turn to alternatives such as Cosmo Payment! 💜 Ride the wave with today’s technology and sign up today! 🖱️

Want to become a Cosmo Payment account holder? It’s simple! Click on sign up at the top right corner and fill out the simple form! No background or credit check! We simply need a few documents and you’re good to go!

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