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Cosmo Payment Donates to Red Umbrella Fund

December 24, 2020 – As we enjoy the holiday season, the team at Cosmo Payment wanted to take this opportunity to give something back to the Cosmo community. As a company that works closely with the adult industry, Cosmo Payment has decided to make a contribution to Red Umbrella Fund; an organization committed to a world where the rights of sex workers are respected as human beings and as workers. This donation was made on behalf of Cosmo Payment, as well as all of our loyal clients and trusted partners. Sex workers and adult industry professionals are regular people with rights who deserve to live their lives free from criminalization, stigma, and violence. The Cosmo Payment team is here to lend support to this worthy cause and encourage all of our followers to do the same!

As a trusted payment provider for the adult industry, Cosmo Payment understands how challenging it can be for sex workers and industry professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic made the year 2020 especially difficult for sex workers and the adult industry, resulting in lost income for thousands of people. Additionally, the stigma associated with sex workers and the adult industry was even more evident this year, as the community was often ignored and dismissed by social and economic safeguards designed to protect all workers during these difficult times. Sex work is real work and Cosmo Payment stands behind Red Umbrella Fund and the entire SW industry.

For those of you who work as sex workers or in the adult industry, the Red Umbrella Fund is an important organization that you should get to know. This past year, Red Umbrella Fund published a Solidarity Message that included a list of initiatives for sex workers in response to the ongoing pandemic, as well as a list of resources and emergency funders for the SW community. They also released a new strategic plan outlining how they intend to support the SW industry all the way through the year 2025.

Having recently celebrated the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers on December 17, now is as good a time as ever to show support for the SW industry and gain a better understanding of the challenges they face on a daily basis. We also encourage visiting Red Umbrella Fund’s donation page for anyone who feels compelled to follow in our footsteps and make a contribution towards this important cause over the holiday season.


The Cosmo Payment team

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