Cosmo Payment: We’ve been here, and we’re here to stay

A friendly reminder about the easiest and most cost-effective way to get paid in the industry!

[UK, LONDON, January 2019]Making money can be hard but getting paid shouldn’t be. At Cosmo Payment, we take care of it all.

Cosmo Payment is a leading provider of payment solutions that ensures easy, quick, and secure payouts. Stability, reliability and security are at the heart of our solution, ensuring every client gets paid on time and can make payments globally with ease and confidence.

The solution is based on reloadable cards which are as easy to use as any payments card you’re already used to, giving clients access to their money anytime, anywhere. With this flexible single-platform solution, users can receive funds, withdraw in a local currency ATM machine, buy online and in-store, follow their banking statements online and on the mobile app, and much more!

We have a 5-star track record as an experienced card provider, and we are now available on some of the biggest cam-sites in the world, including Chaturbate, I’m Live, My Free Cams and many more, ultimately allowing everyone from models to affiliates to adopt our simple payment method into their everyday lives.

“The Adult Industry has faced particularly challenging hurdles related to payment systems,” said Anthony Nocella, Head of Product at Cosmo Payment. “Cosmo Payment can be tailored to address these unique needs, and we work directly with our clients to get it up and running smoothly.”

How do you join? Simply sign upat, complete the registration form and submit your documents for verification. Immediately gain access to your card and account in order get paid instantly and start spending! At Cosmo Payment, our top priority is protecting and securing your private information. Our 18 years’ experience proves how committed we are to keeping your information safe. We’re the winning card in your hand, so why risk betting on less reliable providers for your critical payroll system?

Visit our website for more information and contact us to get set-up and start making and receiving instant payments!