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Brand New Look for Cosmo Payment

Updated: May 9

January 5, 2022 - As we enter the new year, the team at Cosmo is thrilled to unveil a brand new look for Cosmo Payment. Over the past few months, we’ve allocated a significant amount of time and effort into updating our branding, allowing it to more accurately depict what Cosmo Payment is truly about at its core. While our convenient payment products and world-class customer service will remain unchanged, the brand’s look and feel will provide Cosmo Payment with a much-deserved glow-up.

As a payment provider helping content creators to send and receive digital payments around the globe, it was imperative that we repositioned the brand to better connect with our innovative and technologically-oriented payment solutions. The new Cosmo Payment logo still features the brand’s prominent ‘CP’, however these letters have been creatively redesigned to display the image of a payment card.

While updating the look and feel of Cosmo Payment, the brand colors we’re also revisited, as colors can subconsciously communicate emotion in our everyday lives. The featured color scheme of our updated branding represents some of Cosmo Payment’s core values: ambition, passion, creativity, respect, and happiness.

The voice and tone of the Cosmo Payment’s brand is empowering, as content creators face many challenges and Cosmo Payment is committed to supporting these men and women and supporting their lifestyle. As on of the industry’s most reliable payment providers, Cosmo Payment’s voice and tone will also reflect this level of professionalism and trust at all times.

In the spirit of our rebranding, the Cosmo team has a reinvigorated commitment to all our customers and strive to provide an even better level of professionalism and service at every opportunity. We are empowered by these changes and know that our dedicated team will continue to support all of your payment needs..


The Cosmo Payment Team


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